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As the administrator and manager of the majority of Science Without Borders (SWB) scholarships in Canada, the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is your first point of contact in Canada and primarily responsible for the placement of students and monitoring of successful SWB scholarships. Note that if you are interested in studying at the University of Alberta, Université Laval, Dalhousie University or the University of Ottawa, you are asked to contact the CALDO consortium of universities directly at

CBIE is supported by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC); consult the AUCC website for information about and links to its 95 member institutions, most of whom are universities participating in the SWB program. AUCC is also providing resources to CBIE staff and scholarship candidates to assist with the visa application process. Languages Canada is helping coordinate language training where such services are not offered directly through your host university.

About CBIE

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is a national, bilingual, not-for-profit, membership organization dedicated to the promotion of Canada's international relations through international education: the free movement of ideas and learners across national boundaries. CBIE's activities comprise scholarship management, civil society and public sector reform, research and information services, advocacy, training programs, professional development for international educators and other services for members and learners. CBIE promotes the special interests of the international learner, both the foreign national studying in Canada and the Canadian studying abroad, through educational exchanges, scholarships, training awards and internships, technical assistance in education and other related services.

CBIE believes that international education is one of the best ways to create understanding among peoples and to develop enduring political, cultural and economic links among nations. For further information about CBIE, please visit our home page at

About AUCC

Established in 1911,the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) is the non-governmental national voice for Canadian universities, representing 95 public and private not-for-profit universities and university degree-level colleges. AUCC’s mission is to foster and promote the interests of Canadian higher education and university research, both in Canada and abroad. AUCC participates in the development of public policy to find solutions to economic and social challenges facing Canada. Internationally, AUCC builds linkages with key countries to enable Canadian universities to establish global academic and research partnership. Visit the website at to learn more about national quality assurance and AUCC’s institutional principles of quality assurance in Canadian higher education, as well as programs and membership activities.

About Languages Canada

Canada is the destination of choice for Brazilian language students! In 2010, over 67% of all Brazilians travelling to learn English and French came to Canada, recognizing the high-quality language education the country offers.

Languages Canada is Canada's premier language education organization with respect to our two official languages, English and French. In 2011, Languages Canada members delivered over 170 programs, each one committed to upholding our rigorous standards. These standards cover curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, facilities, administration and marketing and promotion. Languages Canada institutions offer national and international programs in addition to participating in the design and delivery of familiarization tours, trade missions, sponsorship agreements, advertising and promotion. Find out more by visiting our website at